London Grammar - All My Love (LostLegend Bootleg)


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Dec 5, 2020
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Liverpool, UK
Hello everyone! 👋

It's been a while since I posted anything in here!
2020-21 was hectic in terms of the amount of music I put out (nearly a decade worth of ideas flooding out at once haha) but I've slowed down a bit this year.

Took a little break early on and have also been working on some bits 'n' pieces behind the scenes. Some exciting stuff (for me anyway) happening, but nothing I can talk about officially at the moment.
That's the thing with the music industry, everything seems to happen really fast, then there's a whole lot of waiting around before things become official :LOL:

Anyway - onto the track:
This one came about fairly quickly. I'd been working on a totally different track, got quite deep into the production, then decided it just wasn't working for me.
Tried a couple of different ideas to fix it musically and nothing seemed to work, but I quite liked some of the other elements within the track and didn't want to junk it completely, so I decided to turn it into a bootleg remix of this rather beautiful track by London Grammar.

Let me know what you think! :cool:
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Jun 27, 2020
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I'm liking the style, just not enough groove for me in the low end. I like the bassline, however it seems a bit tuned down. Not really excited about the climax either if I'm honest. The mixing is a bit off there.

But otherwise really excited for you and what's to come. Can't wait to see/hear it!
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Jul 17, 2020
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bit too much sidechain if I where to be really critical and subjectively muh personal taste esq.

other then that, this will go straight into the "morning drive to work" folder

excellent work.
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Jul 20, 2020
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This is amazing. What a fine piece of music. Musically, everything is in the right place.
Love the bassline. Great use of the vocals and the piano. The riff is really catchy and lively, without being cheesy.
The mixdown/mastering could be slightly better in places to make the percussion sound more crisp, if I'm being really critical.
Well done and thanks for sharing.
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