LostLegend - Sagittarius A [Landscapes Music]

Release title
Sagittarius A
Label name
Landscapes Music
Release date
May 3, 2024
Release type
Link to external store


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Dec 5, 2020
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"Landscapes Music is proud to announce one of the most representative supported of the underground Trance movement. If you love the Underground club music, you definitely should be not surprised to see this one happening:
LostLegend has finally joined forces with a brilliant new single called "Sagittarius A" that will, hopefully, set the beginning of a long-term collaboration.
We are excited to hear your thoughts and, above all, to see you supporting the great track that he made for us.
And if it was not enough, the track comes with a haunting intro that does the job perfectly for any sort of club warm up.
Landescapes Music: #WeThinkUnderground. If you support, please, make sure to let us know by tagging our label across following official channels: SoundCloud YouTube Facebook Instagram Twitter (X)"

Anyway, time for something deeper and more progressive from me for my debut release on Landscapes Music!
I wanted to come up with something cinematic with that space opera vibe and a deep groove and this is the result.

It's available for pre-order now with a Beatport exclusive release on May 3rd and full release everywhere else on Friday 17th May.

Pre-save links and all that jazz here:

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Jun 27, 2020
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Nice one LL. Really like the bassline and general space theme of the track. Just a nice track overall. Would have liked to see few more elements/things happening to take it to next level, like some acid to contrast the sweepingness or some additional percs. I can hear a bit of that actually with some of the FX, but maybe wanted it to be more prominent. Good job though!
Jul 20, 2020
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My word , I nearly cried listening to this. Talk about epic journey. Its like a film score.

10/10. Top Class.

Thanks you for still making tunes like this and thank you for releasing!

It's because of feedback like this one above that I do believe 100% in my label.

And...in the team, which is the main engine and fuel for it.

Needless to say, 🙏 Thank you for sharing this, hopefully you'll support it also via beatport too!