LostLegend vs Tiësto & Lost Tribe - Flightmaster 643 (Bootleg)


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Dec 5, 2020
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As played out in my recent 'Give Trance A Chance 6' set!

I had the idea for this mashup/bootleg/mash-leg?!?! a few years ago and it resurfaced in my brain a few months back, so decided to see if it would actually work.
I had to do some messing about with keys (The Gamemaster segments in particular) but I think it's turned out ok.

It's a bit of a heavy one, even for me and one of the rare occasions I'll use the dreaded 'STEROID KICK' :ROFLMAO:
I think everything has a time and a place and it worked for this style of track.
Downloads are active for those wanting a copy.

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