Love Nation - Star

Bobby Summa

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Sep 7, 2022
Brighton UK
The sounds in this are incredible. Did you design any of them, or edit presets heavily at all? They don’t seem like standard vst presets. Is any hardware used?

Because of the immense high quality in the sounds melody and atmosphere they create, (all of them). I feel if one was to say anything critical of the track (imo) the drums and percussion don’t quite reach the high standard in the non percussion sounds. Im thinking especially the kick. But hey that’s just ‘my’ opinion.

Some of the sounds in there, one in particular reminds me of an atmospheric pad sound I created once on a song I made yrs ago before I had an ability to create anything resembling song structure. (which i still often struggle with)

il put it in currently listening thread and tag you so this thread doesn’t get muddled. I won’t do a specific post for it as there is quite a bit in it that doesn’t quite sound as good as it could. It was near when I re started making music after a 22 year gap! But the pad sound i start with is similar to yours.
Fading Of The Stars’ (feat vocals by James Manley Bird)

strange how both tracks have ‘star’ in the title 🙂
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