Man With No Name - Teleport / Sugar Rush [1996]

Man With No Name
Release title
Teleport / Sugar Rush
Label name
Perfecto Fluoro
Release year


Aug 30, 2022
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Thinking back to the compilation which first got me into Trance - Perfecto Fluoro: Oakenfold - and decided to post this lovely slab of tuneage - "Teleport". IMO it's wonderful, fantastic energy, great use of a film sample, and some squelchy acidic goodness. If you haven't heard it before, enjoy :)

Released double-A side stylee with the "Refined Mix" of Sugar Rush, which isn't as dark, has a cracking bassline and some serious donk.



Dec 24, 2022
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I see one of the best mwnn tracks has been posted. Teleport never gets tiring no matter how many times I burn it.
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