OUT Mat Zo & Spencer Brown - Spun Day (from „Futuro” compilation) [Bedrock Records]

Mat Zo & Spencer Brown
Release title
Spun Day
Label name
Bedrock Records
Release date
Nov 17, 2023
Release type
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Z Dobrej Woli

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Mar 5, 2022
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Ok, I will risk sharing it with you :D But I guess it may be interesting for fans of Anjunabeats :)

Matan and Spencer has an exclusive track on upcoming huge John Digweed’s „Futuro” compilation :)

You can order CD and vinyl edition (with their track as well) via: Bedrock Music Official Store - Bedrock Music - Futuro 2CD + 5LP (Signed, Numbered)

Preview reminds me a bit an atmosphere of Matan’s „The Next Chapter”, it may be an absolutely great tune in extended version :)

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Oct 5, 2023
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Spencer Brown's already proved himself good at steady trippy tunes, while Mat Zo adds a great tribal extras, he's had a bunch of these twisted groovier records unreleased from the late 00s so they definitely fit together well

of course, this isn't trance at all and shouldn't be measured with the trance tracks' qualities
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Jun 17, 2022
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Not something I would end up buying and listen ever again tbh after the first listen. I miss the days of old John Digweed and Bedrock. I will listen to the other tracks though.
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