Mobil - Levitation [Blue Soho]

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Blue Soho


Jul 26, 2020
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This is going to be the slowest year of our label, most likely.

Working on my vinyl labels Oath / LYAM / Benthic, which is way more fun compared to the "trance" scene.

I would shut down the Soho and bury it in the ground, but there is no reason to do so.

How many decent tunes do the trance scene produce in a year anyway? 2 or 3?

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Jun 27, 2020
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How many decent tunes do the trance scene produce in a year anyway? 2 or 3?

Definitely more than that, but yes its still low. Guess it depends on taste. If you are really into that underground UTE, Space Traxx stuff then there is plenty to class as decent, although i'm only somewhat into it. Borderline definitely had 3/4 classed as decent and maybe some other scattered here and there too.

Personally I think your label has the right idea and could operate in the same world as Borderline i.e full Trance, melodic, euphoric sounds, that is nice for underground and mainstream heads and attempts of some sophistication with certain releases. But for whatever reason I find the sound design on Soho to be off a lot. Just being honest but when I listen to the underground stuff it sounds really great on the ears in comparison. Everything from the instrument/effect choices, the space/atmosphericness and the mastering/balance. Your own releases on OATH are also delightful on the ears. Why is it so different for most of the mid-mainstream Trance producers? Its almost the only genre where I feel it.
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Jul 3, 2020
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I usually enjoy Mobil tracks. Sounds like a bad version of Peace to Ukraine (Mobil Remix).