Mystery Machine - Psychedelic Concentration Camp (Perfecto Fluoro / DAT Recordings) [1996]


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Jul 13, 2020
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Mystery Machine - Psychedelic Concentration Camp

Took 19 years but my persistence to get this released paid off. Danny Rampling was playing it on the Love Groove Dance Party in August / Sept 1996. Oakenfold also smashed it with both saying it was due to come out on Perfecto Fluoro. But it never did.

Fast forward to 2012 and a friend sent me a copy of a Euro Mix that Danny put the track in. I ripped the track & uploaded to youtube. Oakie posted it on his facebook and the owner of the track got in touch with me. He ended up posting the track on soundcloud and found the digital audio tape after DAT contacted him on getting it released.

It took 19 years but in 2015 - DAT finally released the track on their Mind Rewind compilation!
Am putting in the older trance classics folder because it was a track made in 1996 originally :)