NatLife - Sea & Snow EP [2007]

Igor Leus
Release title
Sea & Snow
Label name
Redux Recordings
Release year


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Jul 21, 2020
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The first snowy day of this season is already here in my hometown, so I want to share with you this little 'Its Snowing' tune from NatLife.

I still have the 12" of this release at home and it was the last 'new' Trance record I have ever purchased back in the days.. I have found the vinyl in a Hamburg record store called Cuepoint back in 2007... and I was more in into proggy house at the time, but somehow I liked the 'sounds' of this track, many uplifting/trance releases sounded the same already then, so I was impressed from the first listens.. at home I found out that the release has a pretty bad mastering, so I never really played the 12" on turntables.. also many times I wanted to sold the record but nobody wanted it for 3€, yeah short story.. so here you have it:

NatLife - It's Snowing

maybe you will like more the 'sea side', I think its a really solid uplifter

NatLife - Black Sea