Need some help - My HD crash - Can't recover :(


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Oct 10, 2020
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Good Afternoon,

First of all i'am not new to trance scene, I listen it since early 2000's, since then I listing it.

Back in January 2020, my HD crash with more than 50gig of classic trance, classic hardtrance, etc... well all my library from 2000 to 2016 been deleted. My HDD crashed try to recover myselft, send it to a expert to see if I can recover all my good memory track, nothing everything is now empty.

Well I needed you help, and I'am willing to pay, the trance music is all my life,

Would there be people who would like to help me rebuild a library of what I missed the most.

You can send me links in .zip or .rar files, torrents, whatever.

thank you



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Jun 27, 2020
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Sharing illegal stuff is prohibited here, except for the occasional track that isn't available for streaming or purchasing in digital form. What is available in digital format, you can purchase again digitally (or not, if you still have the receipts, maybe you can just download it again).

Everything that we allow is being shared here: Rare tracks not found in download stores


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Jun 27, 2020
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Damn, that really sucks. So bad when that happens. I am considering backing all my music up on google or apple cloud so this never happens.


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Jul 20, 2020
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On a related topic, can I do anything about files that become corrupt. I have a few purchased long time ago that are like this. I've read there are tools you can download to help with this, can anyone recommend a good one please?