NemesisTheory - Trance Turnabout [2009]

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Trance Turnabout
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N/A - Newgrounds self-release
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Jul 13, 2020
NOTE: This is an amateur production

Trance Turnabout is a remix of the video game series Ace Attorney which combines 5 different songs from the OST into one trance-inspired song.
The track sounds nothing like 2009-era trance, but more like a mellow version of early 2000s hard-trance (Alphazone, Ace's Delight). From the author's original newgrounds post:

It's finally time for another 'official' remix!
This time it's from definitely one of my favorite series, "Ace Attorney"! (Better known as Phoenix Wright to some.)
This remix is kind of special, because it's a 5-in-one remix!
There's not enough love to spread for this series, so why not do 5 remixes in one song and blend them together? =3
Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!

So, why is it being posted in a trance classics section?
I think it's great to have a different kind of production on here. You can tell it's amateur and its mastering is... okay, but it's fairly dynamic, has a non-standard structure, and explores interesting ideas. Plus, I'm always down for melodic hyped up trance that sounds like it's from 20 years ago.


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