Old School/Classic Trance Producers in 2020 (and beyond)?


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Jul 19, 2022
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Sep 26, 2020
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I did some digging for July and was pleasantly surprised

50 old-school trance songs in July

The initial playlist was 80+, but I eliminated a lot of uplifting for a more interesting playlist

Next week there is going to be a mix from that playlist.

Since beatport are dicks and you can't even share a stupid playlist....

16713463Just a DreamRamsey Westwood£0.69
16700104Sky TravelerAdam Novy£1.04
16650337VisionMaster Beat Projekt£0.69
16629532Trance Beyond TimeDJ Darroo£0.69
16678049Erase MeBen Hemsley£1.04
16730496The Power Exits OutsideDreaMelodiC£0.69
16698023About UsMohamed Ahmed£0.69
16715156WhisperedMonsterous Music£0.69
16563472DaylightNolita, Van Cosmic£0.69
16602917The RythmDavid Elder£1.04
16647065Self Control (Part 2)Yiquan£1.04
16694736New SpiritDJ Kolyn£0.69
16670692The First MelodyDj.Fili, DJ Reis£0.69
16672778FutureMarc van Linden, D-Gor£0.69
16733704MateAndrey Terenyuk£0.69
16627645Open Your HeartRonald Möller£0.69
16683203Street SpiritKenny Tynan£0.69
16692732Groove DividerJ-Me Griffiths, Dr SJ£0.69
16696147Don't Deceive MeEnpostive£0.69
16600439ILVAITEBinary Trip£0.69
16608479SanctumMac & Monday, Benjani£0.69
16617406Fade Into HappinessCiree£0.69
16589411All Or NothingStephen Kirkwood£0.69
16614330I Will Love AgainLOV3TT£0.69
16688154Euphoria DreamSzg£0.69
16718961The Third Expedition (feat. TravelFactory)Travelfactory, 66Hz£0.69
16593242The UpliftXzatic, Tanay£0.69
16584204AmoreeeeChing Lai Caacbay, Mazzetti Alessandro£0.69
16680698Tribal MayhemMicky Stardust£0.69
16580700Perfect PlaceAndrew Edward£0.69
16594119Turn Off The LightsDJ Shog, Danny Fervent£0.70
16618769Siren1st in Line£0.70
16618941RevelationElectrique Boutique£0.70
16624446LifetimeDECO 5000£0.70
16638954Timeless PerspectiveSquarz Kamel£0.70
16650643SuriPierre Pienaar£0.70
16652629EllaChristian Millan£0.70
16651118OmenVictor Ruiz£0.70
16658551Eternal DreamsDaWTone£0.70
16663166Electric MineChris Van Neu, Zoodiak£0.70
16666099Can't Stop MeLost Knowledge£1.05
16671875Blast from the PastSkyfield£1.05
16673344SHINE Ibiza Anthem 2022Aly & Fila, Paul van Dyk£0.70
16596401Kish IslandMehran MzH, Mista Musica£0.70
16615372One PlanetRiotbot£0.70
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Sep 26, 2020
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  1. Adam Novy - Sky Traveler (Original Mix)
  2. Binary Trip - ILVAITE (Original Mix)
  3. Ciree - Fade Into Happiness (Original Mix)
  4. Ramsey Westwood - Just a Dream (Extended Mix)
  5. DJ Shog, Danny Fervent - Turn Off The Lights (Vocal Mix)
  6. Stephen Kirkwood - All Or Nothing (Extended)
  7. Front - Shivers (Narel Remix)
  8. MLiFe - Island (Extended Mix)
  9. DJ Recharge - id id
  10. Nolita, Van Cosmic - Daylight (Extended)
  11. J-Me Griffiths, Dr SJ - Groove Divider (Kevin Boyle Remix)
  12. Squarz Kamel - Timeless Perspective (Extended Mix)
  13. Ben Hemsley - Erase Me (Extended Mix)
  14. Pierre Pienaar - Suri (Extended Mix)
  15. DaWTone - Eternal Dreams (Extended Mix)
  16. Chris Van Neu, Zoodiak - Electric Mine (Original Mix)
  17. Victor Ruiz - Omen (Original Mix)
  18. Kenny Tynan - Street Spirit (Original Mix)
  19. Andrew Edward - Perfect Place (Noida Remix)
  20. Gotardo - Beyond (Original Mix)
  21. LOV3TT - I Will Love Again (Original Mix)
  22. Mohamed Ahmed - About Us (Extended Mix)
  23. 1st in Line - Siren (Extended Mix)
  24. DJ Darroo - Trance Beyond Time (Original Mix)
PS: This year I am really impressed by DJ Darroo and Ben Hamsley, already quite a few oldshool songs from them


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Jul 17, 2020
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Will PM. I've got some copyright strikes on SC so I'm paranoid about enabling DL on mixes.

Thanks! This was the first one I've done off the cuff, with no prep or planning, for the previous ones my library wasn't big enough to the point where I felt comfortable winging it.

Here's a phenomenal 3 hour liveset recording from Lisene. Some IDs in there (probably older tunes) that I need to get my hands on, Shazam's not catching them though.


Is there anyway to download this set?