Paul ICZ & Miss Cortex feat. Luscjo - Autumn Leaves [Edge One Rec.]

Paul ICZ & Miss Cortex feat. Luscjo
Release title
Autumn Leaves
Label name
Edge One
Release date
Jul 20, 2020
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Paul ICZ

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Jul 23, 2020
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Hey Trancelovers,

I would like to show you my song "Autumn Leaves", which I produced with my friend vocalist "Luscjo" and Miss Cortex.

It´s a vocal uplifting trance song with deep vocals and an emotional build up and melody.

It gained rank 13 in the beatport Trance Release Charts today, and as an "unknown" producer I´m always grateful for your support and hope, that some of you guys like the song! :)

Thank you for your support and let me know your thoughts !

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Jul 2, 2020
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Zuid-Holland, NL
The melody is pretty good and I like the focus on the more melodic parts of the track. The vocal isn't too shabby either. However, it sounds a bit empty, which makes the parts where no synth or pluck is present sound a bit too simple in my opinion. The whitenoise in some parts of the track are a bit too loud too, to be honest. Still, overall I'd say that it's not that bad. Good job! :)
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