Paul van Dyk - For an Angel [1998]

Paul Van Dyk
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For an Angel
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Jun 27, 2020
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Yeah still gold. Blasting it now, hasn't lost anything for me


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Jul 21, 2020
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To be honest... I din't get it back in the days... for me was 'For An Angel' just a filler track.. Paul played it at the Love Parade, I have seen it live on VIVA and the track din't make anything to me..

Now I understand the vibe of the track and maybe I finally have some more sympathy for the whole thing.. I'm still more a 'Another Way' and 'Forbbiden Fruit' fanboy.

Terry Lee Brown Jr. Remix was not so good, but try this out:

Paul van Dyk - For An Angel (Way Out West Remix)
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