Peter Miethig - Indescribable Moment [State Control]


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Jul 1, 2020
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Introducing Peter Miethig's latest masterpiece, 'Indescribable Moment.' Immerse yourself in a euphoric trance experience as Miethig seamlessly blends uplifting melodies and pulsating beats. This track transcends boundaries, evoking an indescribable moment of pure emotion and energy on the dance floor. With meticulous production and ethereal soundscapes, Miethig delivers a sonic journey that resonates with the soul. 'Indescribable Moment' is not just a track; it's a euphoric revelation, capturing the essence of uplifting trance. Brace yourself for a musical voyage that defies description, as Peter Miethig invites you to embrace the extraordinary. Feel the energy, live the moment.



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Oct 5, 2023
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liking the breakdown, especially before the lead synth comes in, nice floating vibe

overall it's a pretty cool uplifter for a C tier label
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