OUT Peter Steele - Creation (John Dopping Breaks Mix) [Pure Breaks]

Peter Steele
Release title
Creation (John Dopping Breaks Mix)
Label name
Pure Breaks
Release date
Oct 7, 2022
Release type
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Jul 13, 2020
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TranceFix Crew
Jun 27, 2020
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Really curious about this label, looks like Solarstone might've been reading this forum. Excited to see the output, because this first release is very nice! Enjoyed it quite a bit.

Sleepy Robot

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Jul 7, 2020
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The Netherlands
Great to see a breaks remix and even a new sublabel for that genre so hopefully we're getting to see more of these.
A fan of John Dopping and this one doesn't let down. Als just heard the original and that's a solid track too.


Lost in Trancelation
Jul 13, 2020
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Sounds kind of standard progbreaks scheme to me, and not sure on the wobbly bass tbh


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Sep 26, 2020
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The more breakbeats I see the better. Really interesting remix, definitely going on one of my next mixes.


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Jul 2, 2020
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Nice to see Dopping back to doing edgy breaks! He always brought a little more energy to his breakbeat tracks. Not as a crazy at Beatman & Ludmilla, but more interesting musically. The somewhat Blade Runner-esque breakdown and the vocal sample do make for a nice transition to breaks, and I'm a big fan of the somewhat dub-infused climax. Breaks has always been a genre where artists explored fusions between different sounds, so I'm all for this type of exploration

I was hoping this would be out on Research & Development just because I'm a big fan of that label. However, having a bigger trance imprint dedicated to breaks, with Solarstone behind it as well, is a great new initiative. Really excited to see what else is in the pipeline.