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Jun 27, 2020
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Was doing some editing today. This place might have been the best find of my entire west coast road trip (and only 30 minute drive from that beach shot above). One of the most magical places you could imagine, and not a single soul around. You could climb the massive hills, go on two different black sand beaches, go into a massive cave where the ocean had punctured through, purple flowers everywhere, deep fog.... MAGIC!

Screenshot 2023-09-10 at 9.03.34 PM.png
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Screenshot 2023-09-10 at 9.05.18 PM.png
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Apr 27, 2021
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excuse the compression as the raw files are on my other laptop, but here's one of my favourite pics I took last week in Vegas. used a Nikon D3300 which I recently picked up quite cheap with a low shutter count and a 20 quid plastic Holga HL-N lens which was a great purchase. it's a completely manual lens so takes a little getting used to but I took hundreds of fun pics with this and also the regular old nikkor 18-55mm which is also a solid all purpose lens


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Jun 17, 2022
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I used AI to create this video from the image I posted. I have to say I am blown away at the results and creeped out how AI can create something like this from a still image.
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