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Jul 17, 2020
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Yeah the photographer lives somewhere there. We did a sort of pre-wedding-test-photoshoot yesterday, with the photographer we choose for our wedding (july next year).

We don't have the "real" endresults yet. Only a few lower-res ones he already sent us, like the 2 above :)
I thought you where married already heh. :geek: Massive congrats m8 (y)out of curiousity, who proposed who?

Julian Del Agranda

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Jul 3, 2020
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Thanks 😉 I did the asking part. After many ‘big’ ideas I choose for an intimate proposal at home. Some candles, roses, you get the idea!
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Dec 5, 2020
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Liverpool, UK


I'm unable to take serious selfies it seems :LOL:
This was in a bar (several drinks in) before an Iron Maiden gig a couple of years ago 🤘


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Sep 26, 2020
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I don't have any new pictures from the last 2 years that I like. Here is the last picture of myself that I barely like from last year (lockdowns were particularly bad for me) and next to it one of my favourite pictures since I moved to the UK.


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