OUT Pulser - Fire In You [Toneplay Records]

Release title
Fire In You
Label name
Toneplay Records
Release date
Nov 3, 2023
Release type
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Lost in Trancelation
Jul 13, 2020
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the bassline in the start is really off-putting. luckliy it dissapears (or get overrun by the other channels later). nope, it gets back in the middle.

it has big structural problems imo. it needs more work in how it builds. startting right away with a psy-bassline is not the way to go. it builds up to a crescendo of classic pulser syynths one time(which is fine), then it drops the psybassline in the middle, then the same crescendo again, and just in a very lazy manner fades out...

nah.. the classic pulser synths are fine (albeit a bit weird sounding and distant/plasticky) but the rest of the track isnt good. the structure is flawed and half finished.. and the psy bassline should never be used again....in any "normal" trance...the clap is sounding really bad aswell..no charachter to it...



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Oct 5, 2023
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yeah well it takes both good and bad/cheesy from the old school trance stuff, sounds just way too chaotic, like something an upcoming guy would do in the 90s to get on the radar