Rare tracks not found in download stores


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Apr 3, 2021
It was this forum that allowed me to get some of the rarest pieces/rips of music out there, so despite the fact that file sharing is illegal, I don't think we should outlaw it completely. If it's a very rare vinyl at ridiculous prices, or not available anywhere anymore, and not sold digitally, I think file sharing of those rips should be allowed. Someone not too long ago just shared with me a perfect rip of a rare Brasstooth remix that is no longer for sale, no longer has vinyls available, and was not available digitally, but they had the vinyl so it was the only way of getting it.

Obviously I'm not the one here making decisions, but my suggestions would be:
  • Is it available to purchase online? DO NOT SHARE
  • Is it NOT available to purchase online but the vinyls/CD's are cheap and easily bought? Debatable but maybe NO?
  • Is it NOT available to purchase online, and neither are vinyl's/CDs or they're extremely expensive but a member happens to own them? DO SHARE

I've seen cases of producers DMCA'ing tracks you can't get since like 1999 because they're very rare vinyls and this annoys me to no end. If it's something very rare you can't get anywhere anymore but a TF member happens to own it, I think it can be shared. If it's something that is available for purchasing online then, by all means, don't share it as that would be piracy. If it's not anywhere, you're not pirating anything because the label themselves aren't giving a s*** clearly. There would obviously be edge-cases where, for instance, the label may re-release those very rare tracks, in which case they'd be available online and non-shareable.
What how is it illegal? It's only illegal if you stole the original copy and uploaded it here without consent or anyone knowing. Please always do the right thing because it pays in the long run. We keep asking for socialism to come in but greed creeps in and too much greed eventually another form of control comes in so we need to slow things down to a crawl.
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