RMB - Love is an Ocean (Stephenson Remix) [1995]

RMB, Stephenson
Release title
Love is an Ocean
Label name
Low Spirit Recordings
Release year


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Jul 13, 2020
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Heard this during an old Airwave set (must have been mid 2000s/early 2010s), and man this track blew me away. It's pretty fast and feels totally 90s, but it's so good. The vocal sample starting about 2 and a half minutes in is so soothing and awesome, as is the lead string melody that appears shortly after. It's dynamic and uses a second distinct climax, which is uncommon in trance.

There are two more remixes from the original release, from Ramon Zenker and Raver's Nature. I only know the Stephenson remix, but feel free to post those as well!
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