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1. Stick to the genre and year range

We allow Trance & Progressive (and some crossover genres) in tracks in this section. The release must be between 1988 - 2007

2. Post correct thread title, including the year

Thread title format is;

Artist - Track Title [Year]
Artist - Track Title (Inc. Remix(es)) [Year]

3. Original Mix must be included in thread title and thread.

If you want to post remix, please post alongside the Original Mix (if it exists), adding it in the thread. For example, If I wanted to share Rank 1 - Awakening (Ferry Corsten Remix), I would also include the original Rank 1 - Awakening (Original Mix) inside this thread too. This helps us keep the section organised. The thread title would contain the Original track, and be posted as follows;

Rank 1 - Awakening (Inc. Remixes) [2002]

4. Quality over quantity (Maximum 2 posts per day)

We want a section filled with great music and great discussion. Please post Classic tracks that are meaningful to you and don't just thread dump countless posts constantly and without much thought. Quality over quantity. It will make for a much better section overall. We also love when you tell us why you enjoy the track you are posting or why it is special for you and hope to see more of this, although this is not required. Maximum 2 uploads per day in this section.

5. Keep things organised (optional)

You'll notice additional fields when creating a thread e.g label name, release year and any appropriate tags etc. We encourage you to fill out this additional (optional) track information as this will help make things organised and help users search our threads a lot easier, for example by year or by artist name.

Enjoy this section, it's certainly one of our favourites
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