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Jun 24, 2020
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General Rules

This section is primarily for posting Trance releases only, but if the release is leaning a little more towards the progressive, techno, house or psychedelic side then we are happy to see it here too. Big thanks to all the high-active members in this section who post regular scene releases here, your work is appreciated.

In the new forum we have decided we want to encourage thread posting in this section to be more focused on quality, rather than excessive quantity. We ask members to look to sharing releases that are enjoyable and meaningful to you, or that you think others may enjoy. We are hoping this will lead to a more quality and easier to manage section, with less thread dumping/0 reply threads overall. There are no rules/limits being imposed on how much you can post, just that we hope you consider this when creating threads

We also encourage you to fill out the additional (optional) track information fields for each thread, eg.Titles, label name, release year, shop links and any appropriate tags (i.e genre, year, artist). This will help out users search our threads a lot easier, for example by year or by artist name.

Thread posting rules

All threads must contain the at minimum the artists name and sample of the track(s). Albums or compilation threads can be created without adding any samples. If you don't know the release title just use 'ID'. On the new platform you can embedd youtube and soundcloud links just by pasting them directly into the chat box.

Thread creation naming format is as follows;

Artist - Release Title [Label] - For Singles & EPS
Artist - Release Title (Inc. Remixes) [Label] - For Single & EPS with Remixes
Artist - Album Title (Album Artist) [Label] - For Albums

Example: Endre - Kallocain EP (Inc. Robert Nickson Remix) [Anjunabeats] - or - Orkidea - ID (Artist Album)

Thats it. Happy posting!
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