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Jun 17, 2022

Oliver Lieb at The PALACE / Melbourne Australia 1994 / 106 MINUTES​

This is an un-edited video from my first visit to Australia when I played in Melbourne at The Palace in 1994 on September 21st. I received it as it is and even though it is quite rough I am happy to have it and wanted to make this available for everybody... The first 14 minutes show the soundcheck, behind the scenes and some interview... then up to 36 minutes you see several outside and inside the venue scenes during the event. DJ: Richie Rich at 36 - 51 minutes I am starting my L.S.G. live - act which was one of three I have done that night. The others were Spicelab/Ambush and Mindspace/Paragliders. Tracks: "L.S.G.", "Fragile","Blueprint" then a few more outside and inside scenes For me it was a great experience - too bad there is not more scenes of me or the DJs playing as it was a really great night and a few more Australia tours were following this one. Thanks everybody involved back then. Especially Richie and Jeff and all the others too..! Also big thanks to everybody that came out and made this really special!