Signum - Ghost / Get Up


Apr 23, 2021
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Ghost is good, probably could grow on me but also might be forgettable. His last release from 2020 was much more impressive I think.

Get up sounds like any other producers production from today. I miss the Signum hard and bouncing beats, no one does that anymore.
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Jul 17, 2020
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I miss the old 2002/3 signum, the drive, the energy of tracks like push through and cure me.

I don't get the feels from these. Get up and those pitch builds just are blah. Don't like.

Ghost.. hmm don't mind the little techy elements but the overall the layers don't really compliment each other for me.
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Jul 20, 2020
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Best I've heard from Signum since 1999 probably . These sound very old school and full of nice little details, nothing like the modern steroid trance.


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Jul 2, 2020
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Ghosts is rather nice, not what you would immediately associate with Signum but it has a few elements in there that are quite old school


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Sep 13, 2020
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Get Up caught my attention a bit more with quite impressive melody. The production is quite generic while Ghost might be a grover...we will see


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Dec 18, 2021
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Ghost extended mix (mp3 320) has been out since 25/03/2022!! and I was able to obtain the extended mixes of the entire compilation (pirated) just to get my hands on Miharu initially, but noticed Ghost is on there too for those interested, obviously try to buy it if you can within your jurisdiction, I just had to quench my thurst in the meantime as I no longer purchase cd formats whilst waiting on digitally released Miharo ep..which should be out this month, so ill be purchasing that in Hi-Res as soon as it becomes available including Ghost.

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