Sinatic - Fantasy [2006]

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Beatshop Records (2012/2020 re-releases)
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Jul 13, 2020
NOTE: this is an amateur production. (I guess I'll preface amateur productions like this from now on...)

Fantasy is a straightforward uplifter that became mildly popular on the Internet thanks to Izzy Armendariz's ("Spac3Trance") Youtube upload on 27 Nov 2009, which as of the time of writing currently has 1.2 million views.. The track has okay (if slightly lacking) mastering, but the core ideas of uplifting trance are all evident. It wouldn't have been too out of place in DJ sets from 2002-2003 that focused on uplifting trance.

Fantasy was later re-mastered for a 2012 Soundcloud/Spotify/iTunes release. Per the author,
Re-Mastered Version of the originally 2006 produced track "fantasy". This track was played on Youtube over 2.000.000 times in all without any release or promotion.
It was produced for an exclusive Trance/Chillout compilation which was never released. So it ended up ... yes.. in the internet.
Fantasy is now released on the "Trance Classics" EP
Find it on iTunes:…assics/1502929684
or Spotify to stream it for free!

Why is it being posted here?
I think it's interesting that an amateur production reached so much popularity with practically no backing from a label or any major DJs (or, heck, any DJs at all!). Its fame is a product of the late 2000s Trance Youtubers, who also deserve a mention on this forum.

All in all, if you enjoy happy straightforward uplifting trance, you should give Fantasy a chance!