Sonic Inc. - Look Into My Mind [2000]

Sonic Inc.
Release title
Taste Of Summer
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Space Traxx – SPAX 032
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Aug 23, 2022
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Sonic Inc. was a short-lived formation created by two talented German trance producers in the early 2000s: Andreas Schmidt (most commonly known as Ace Da Brain) and Marcus Kreck (aka Marc La Cruz). One of the duo's earliest projects was The Taste Of Summer, which many of you probably know, especially because its Fire & Ice Remix went on to become such a huge hit - it was featured in the very first episode of ASOT, Armin named it one of his favorite trance tunes of all time, it received a video clip and it also became the official goal song of the Royal Antwerp FC (a Belgian football club).

The track's official vinyl release featured another tune from the group on its B-side, which was (and still is) massively overlooked and undeservedly forgotten, called Look Into My Mind. While I'm not yet confident in making a final judgment about its overall quality (and whether it qualifies as a true classic or not), what I can say is that it carries that essence and feeling that would later become synonymous with Andreas Schmidt's work in the trance scene. Dark, oppressive, ominous, and melancholic melodies that are wrapped in an energetic package and are working together to create a truly entrancing and cathartic experience.

Schmidt created some of the finest and most captivating trance music ever in the first half of the 2000s, including Magic Waters, Witness, Destiny, On My Mind, and more, and I believe all of those magnificent works originate from here. Sure, Look Into My Mind clearly shows a younger version of Schmidt. He is less confident in himself, and his work suffers a little because of it. The track feels a little bit rushed (although this can be said for The Taste Of Summer too). There's not enough build-up preceding the epic core melody (nor enough time given to deconstructing the melody). However, it's still brilliant in many ways, and it allowed us (as the title says) to look into Schmidt's mind and actually get a glimpse of what kind of music he set out to create throughout his career.

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Jun 17, 2022
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Incredible sounds.with the intro after that I didn't like it. My headphones were able to hear every single sound from both sides

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Jul 20, 2020
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Thanks for sharing trancehistorian. Marc and Ace produced some great work for sure. But for my taste this is not so good. I find the synths very over the top, too messy and a bit cheesy. I agree that this lays the groundwork for some of his later productions like Magic Waters. But then Magic Waters for my taste is also a bit too theatrical and over the top, although a decent record.

I much prefer these two masterpieces from 1999, and really wish The Hive was available digitally.