Starpicker - Purified (Original Mix) ???

Dan Holden

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Feb 20, 2024
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Does anyone know about the original mix of this tune?

Only ever heard or seen mention of the Giuseppe Ottaviani retouch. Seems strange that there is no original version, but perhaps during discussions pre-release (it came out on GO Music) both artists agreed to only put out GO's version? Unusual.



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Oct 5, 2023
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that's something that happens on a rare occasion, for example in early 2010 a lot of tracks on Tiesto label Musical Freedom were released with (Tiesto Edit) mix name instead of Original/Extended mix, that was pure marketing trick in there, Tiesto just applied his name to the most standout tracks on his label (and original artists got a huge attention boost because of that too, so the only side that's been cheated on were the listeners), but with GO case I guess he signed a track, remixed it and pretty much like you've suggested they somehow agreed to drop off the original version, maybe Starpicker was unsure about it, especially if it sounded significantly worse than the remix
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