Stonevalley (Olivier Picart)
Release title
Meditation / Twilight
Label name
Enhanced Recordings
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Jul 19, 2020
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While I enjoy both tracks, I enjoy Twilight even more so than Meditation. Still sounds absolutely bonkers 9 years later. Jesus, it's been 9 years...



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Jul 13, 2020
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Twilight is banger perfect for ending a set. The melody sticks out and its very nice and playful accompanied by a good driving beat. Not sure I would've been able to guess the producer, but still pretty solid. With that said in all honesty theres more to be desired here, but it is what it is.

Meditation is an aquired taste. If you're in that mood o guess it works. Not huge on this one myself.
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Jul 13, 2020
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Oh boy, Twilight was one of those tracks I couldn't stop listening to over and over when it came out. For me it's right up there with his Winter / Someone Else EP.