Terrafusion pres. Nova Prospekt - Nuclear Dawn (2010)

Omar Jose Avila, Richard Thorne
Release title
Nuclear Dawn
Release year


Aug 2, 2020
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Artist description: "I came up with this track name as far back as 2003, along with the rough concept. A kind of epic, dark 'trance anthem to end them all' complete with grandiose intro, breakdown and lengthy runtime. It was a bit pretentious on hindsight, but I finally committed to attempting it in 2010 and it pretty much turned out as well as I could have hoped for. It was due to be signed (hence the [HL2-inspired] alias) but things didn't work out, so I'm putting it up here now."
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Apr 27, 2021
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London, UK
Rich is still a good mate of mine, in fact we just went to Vegas together a couple of weeks ago (with our wives, not like a bro date or anything). I keep hounding him to start producing again and he says he has an album's worth of material almost finished. these days Omar is a streamer running a youtube channel that I did the theme music for when it first launched