The Best Of... STARPICKER (Producer Showcase)

Dan Holden

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Feb 20, 2024
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Starpicker is a relatively new artist on the scene and somewhat unknown, but has produced some outstanding tunes and got releases on GO Music and Subculture.

He caught my attention with his tune "A New Age" and its incredible breakdown and I love the catchy uplifting melodies that he uses in his tunes. So for my first producer showcase, I chose to share the talent of my fellow namesake Dan. I have picked what I feel are his best tunes and recorded a 1 hour set.

Starpicker Soundcloud.png

1. The WLT, Starpicker – Neverlost
2. Nikolauss, Starpicker – Arya
3. Starpicker – Origins (Billy Gillies Remix)
4. Nikolauss, Starpicker – Within
5. Starpicker, Denise Rivera – Can’t Live Without You
6. Johan Gielen, Starpicker – Sustained
7. Starpicker – Time
8. Starpicker – A New Age
9. Nikolauss, Starpicker – Mjolnir
10. Starpicker – Purified (Giuseppe Ottaviani Retouch)
11. Starpicker – 11110
12. Starpicker – Pleiades
13. Starpicker – Zandmmer Vibes
14. Starpicker – Nos Nexum
15. Armin van Buuren, JC Stewart, Billen Ted – Come Around Again (Starpicker Remix)
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