The best Youtube/Music Channels and Bandcamp Labels out there you follow (any genre)?


Aug 5, 2021
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The 21st music digger went from crates in record stores to digital channels. I personally love it. Discovering new music is a joy of life, thats why I use this forum.

What places are your goto's? Personally some of my most used Youtube channels are Linus Time Machine and Progressive Classics. These seems one of the best places on the web to discovering Progressive Classic's. It's such a miracle we have places like this. I wish the streaming services offered this kind of catalog but unfortunately it's not there yet. Some of the mixes by Progressive Classic are amazing too.

I also like Slav, which for some reason is now called Vals, when digging for more house orientated music.

More suggestions please.
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Jun 1, 2021
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Jun 27, 2020
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Here's some of my favorite bandcamp ones right now:

Ambient / Dub / Atmospheric
Stasis Records

Trance / Techno / House
Dust World
On Rotation
Radiant Love

For the bunch above its cool because most of them are fledgling, only with maybe 3 - 8 releases, so noobs, but they are worth following because you never know what you are gonna get, or they have unique enough identity sounds that you want to see where it goes. I Like that about this bandcamp world, just more originality, less aggressive release schedule, beautiful artwork and usually something original in the ideas.

Stasis records is so good btw (for dub/atmos lovers)


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Feb 24, 2021
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It's all about the 2trancentral youtube channel. Unbelievable channel that any trance/prog lover must be subscribed too. His mixes are totally rad (see below). Thanks to this channel I get to experience trance before 2000 and not the obvious ones but the unknown monsters. A true deep knowledge, the best music channel on YT by far



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Jun 17, 2022
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Kurt Dobbels. also uploads music on here

He uploaded a set from DJ Phi Phi and its from 1998 a lot of IDs in that one.

PHI-PHI @ PHI PHI's Birthday Party @ Extreme On Mondays (Affligem):02-11-1998 Tracklist --------------- 01. [0:00] Plastic Boy - Twixt / BONZAI TRANCE PROGRESSIVE (BTP4898) 02. [1:12] Philippe Van Mullem - Tethys / Tranceportation (TP-1999-017) 03. [9:55] Binary Finary - 1998 (Extended Mix) / Positiva (12TIV-98) 04. [17:10] Prism - Rising Calm / LIMBO RECORDS (LIMB 87T) 05. ID 06. [27:20] ID 07. [31:37] ID 08. [35:21] Emmanuel Top - Acid Phase / Attack Records (ATT-V-94 003) 09. [38:50] West & Storm - Moose / 541 - 541416 500179 (Extreme 6) 10. [47:59] Secret Combination - Lemon Grass / YETI RECORDS (YR 9634) 11. [49:20] Innertales - Bohemian Odyssee (Polyphène Mix) / BONZAI TRANCE PROGRESSIVE (BTP4498) 12. [58:29] Hardfloor - Mr. Anderson / HARTHOUSE (HH-050) 13. [1:02:00] ID 14. [1:07:20] ID 15. [1:11:57] Paragliders - Change Me (Original Club Mix) / HOOJ CHOONS (HOOJ 67) 16. [1:17:42] ID 17. [1:22:05] Spike - Respect (Sharam's Respectable Mix) / What's Up ?! (567 807-1) 18. [1:27:56] Plastikman - Freek / PLUS 8 RECORDS (PLUS8041) 19. [1:29:47] Quazar - The End / SUPERSTITION (Superstition 2091)
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