OUT The Conductor & The Cowboy - Feeling This Way 2023 (Part 1) [Pure Trance]

The Conductor & The Cowboy
Release title
Feeling This Way (Part 1)
Label name
Pure Trance
Release date
Dec 1, 2023
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Z Dobrej Woli

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Mar 5, 2022
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Ok, this is a huge news ❤️


A legendary classic returns. Remastered, Reworked, and Remixed.

The Conductor & The Cowboy "Feeling This Way" 2023 Pure Trance Triple Pack Release.

These 3 special releases include fully remastered versions of the Original mix, Solarstone.'s original remix and the lost Solarstone Dub, finally available for the first time digitally. There are also 8 brand new mixes, including remixes from Siskin, Lange, Enigma State, Magdelayna Music, Brent Rix, Simon McCann and of course a brand new 2023 rework from The Conductor & The Cowboy.

This has been a true labour of love, a love letter to the fans everywhere. I have personally curated this very special release, working with Rich Solarstone at Pure Trance to bring you something we think, is very special. ❤️

Pack 1 (December 2023)
C&C 2023 Rework
Original Remastered
Siskin Remix
Simon McCann Remix

Pack 2 (February 2024)
Solarstone Remix Remastered
Solarstone Dub Remastered
Lange Remix
Brent Rix Remix

Pack 3 (April 2024)
@EnigmaState Extended Remix
Enigma State Dub Remix
Chris Nycon Remix
@Magdelayna Chill Out Remix

Lots of tastes catered for, original mixes, uplifting mixes, progressive mixes, a psy remix and even a chill out mix. So whether you are a fan of the originals or are looking for more modern interpretations of this classic, there is something for everyone who wants to "Feel like falling".

Ok, let’s start it :)

2023 Rework:

Siskin Remix (18:38)


Simon McCann Remix (28:18)

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Oct 5, 2023
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Siskin's remix is.. idk, it's rather fine technically but style wise this tune just doesn't sound right so laidback to me, it should be energetic and driving, not calming

Simon McCann remix, although, couldn't get any more generic with that slamming kick and sub bass, really, of all the uplifting trance guys why pick someone who'd do some shit like that?.. would love Will Rees or James Dymond or Craig Connelly instead, just to pick a few names..