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Dec 24, 2022
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This gal has been one of my fav electronica artists for the last few years. She started amateurish, but kept pushing and putting stuff out, and is now making stuff that rivals Autechre and the late SOPHIE (even earning a shout-out from Sean Booth). Lots of exquisite textural sound design on this album especially. And her entire discography is free too.


Jul 7, 2020
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I could not have said it better than this guy:

RobW Sep 15, 2023

referencing Another Moment In Time (2×LP, Album) ESOL023
Another superb release from one of the bonafide masters of quality, understated house and techno. This is more house-slanted than most of Watson's output in recent years but still has the one eye looking towards space that most house omits.

With lush keys-led groovers like 'Peace of Mind' featuring Jon Dixon and 'Sunshine' the album feels like a tribute to his 'Moments In Time' LP from 20 years ago on Ibandan/Alola Records (hence the name similarity), but he's had two decades more time to fine-tune his craft even more.

'Make A Wish', 'Forever' and 'Whispers' offer the best hints of Watson's techno slant but, even still, they manage to fit perfectly in the deeper theme of the album.

It's rare to hear a collection of tracks which are undeniably an edgy branch of deep house but which would sound perfectly fine in the middle of a techno set. Few producers manage to find that balance this well.


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Jul 14, 2020
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I really enjoy this kind of melodic Psy, just the right mix of everything.
Keep coming back to this track through the years.