The Devils Interval. Sound frequency. Solfeggio, Love frequency & 528 hertz. Colour frequency Green. And even Crystal’s

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Sep 7, 2022
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Now. Off course we on here all find sound fascinating. We love music.

And we know different scales make people feel different things. For example sections Trance music like a pad interval, the atmosphere after or before the track becomes or has been busy. When a pad either drops of rises in key. What does it make you feel. Is it different depending on the order of notes used once then what the next chord is, ie a quick change of feel, or emotion. Is there a reason and is it connected to the notes played & the frequency they resonate at? Ie. 528 hertz and many others.

Recently it’s becoming a popular topic. YouTube is painfully full of these videos. I say painfully because i would imagine some people just put them there for profit. Plus they may claim to be a frequency but actually are not.

I myself have always found playing chords in the scale of D minor the most profound. I used to be totally drawn to it. It just feels very different from the one before it, C major. C major feels happy, jolly even. D minor is very emotional, sometimes sad but always reflective... … Have a try at home on a piano or on your computer, you’ll see what i mean.

So. Watching this video drew me into wondering if there are just conspiracy theories as to why the Western scale of standard tuning is set where it is. I didn’t understand as he didn’t go into providing proof at all that our standard scale was set up and can be used to manipulate because of the so called ‘Devils Interval’

I recently bought a cheap but very goid app called ‘Better Sleep’. It deals with a whole lot more than sleep but relaxation ( and rejuvenating) related to sound. There are bi naural sounds, many noises ( white nouse, green noise etc). But the ones i like are the Solfeggio frequencies. Said to create healing ( which is why all the youtube videos have risen). But on the Better Sleep App, you hear just one ‘Sinewave ’ tone of a chosen solfeggio frequency and if you wish, mix it with other sounds or music.

Perhaps there is genuinely something in it or perhaps I just believe it can work so it does. (psychosomatic) but im going for the basis that frequency can heal.

This is the video that i found both fascinating and annoying. But it prodded me to put this thread up. I also wonder. If producers tune an overall song differently. Ie once mixed down, premastered or even when mastered. Run it through a pitch changer and drop or rise the pitch by small increments. Will it still make you feel the same? How different are the frequencies?

Heres the video, I like the mathematics, not the conspiracy feel in certain sections.

edit: I wonder if different Crystals come into this frequency thing. Different colours & different frequencies for various types of healing? Im not saying im a believer but i would not be too surprised. I recently was given some for Christmas and definitely feel something if i carry one in my pocket all day or have one next to me. ( psychosomatic? Not sure. But im not that naive or susceptible but a mixture of the amount of imagination (creative people have especially) with my own personal sensitivity makes it hard to discern)

Have a ‘Green Day’ 🫶

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