The Power Of Love (Preview) "Authentic" 90s Trance Producion

Oct 7, 2022
Hello folks,

after some time passed I made another track based on an old idea I made. I used a specific M1 percussion "effect" used in another classic production, maybe one of you can spot where I got the inspiration from. This is all produced on a macbook and some headphones. I use Roland Cloud for classic synths (Juno, TB303, 909 etc.). I did downsample the whole production for some light artifacts, should be in 11bit or something like that. This might be hocus-pocus but I kinda have the feeling that it adds to the 90s sound.

Fun fact: The voice sample is my own voice. Tried to whisper like a girl - worked out with some pitching.

Have a listen to the preview if you like. The whole track is 12 minutes long. I tried to bring in some variety over those 12 minutes but wont be showing all because then the whole "surprise" effect once it is released is gone ;)
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