Trance mix for your listening: TranceQuarterly: Atlas (Aug 2022)


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May 31, 2022
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My latest Uplifting Trance mix:

00:00:00: Alan Morris, Sue McLaren, La Antonia- Nowhere Left To Hide (BiXX Extended Mix) RNM Bundles (RazNitzanMusic)
00:05:14: Yoshi & Razner- The Essence (Extended Mix) Nocturnal Knights Music
00:09:44: UDM- Airwave (Extended Mix) Ablazing Records
00:13:56: Marcella Woods, Lewis Duggleby- Breathe Life (Allen Watts Extended Remix) High Voltage Recordings
00:18:53: Steve Dekay- Legacy (Extended Mix) State Control Records
00:22:50: Metta & Glyde- 11 11 (Extended Mix) FSOE
00:28:38: Daniel Kandi, Parnassvs- Diversion (Extended Mix) Always Alive Recordings
00:32:48: Amaurosis Fugax- Horizon Children (Original Mix) Artists Network Revolution
00:35:51: Somna, Yang, Noire Lee- Till Oblivion (Asteroid Extended Mix) Amsterdam Trance Records (RazNitzanMusic)
00:40:00: Criostasis- Ebb & Flow (feat. Maria Milewska) (Instrumental Mix) Dauntless Digital Silver
00:45:32: Arctic Ocean, Henry Moe- Northern Lights (Extended Mix) AVA White
00:51:28: Essence- The Promise (Craig Connelly Extended Remix) Armada Music Albums
00:56:59: Sergiy Akinshin- Flying On The Crest Of A Wave (Extended Mix) Nothing But
01:02:08: Dave Oren- Not Music For The Masses (Extended Mix) Suanda Music
01:06:17: Caolan McConville- White Widow (Extended Mix) Extrema Global Music
01:11:37: Jose Bumps, Sonalyis- Teleport (Original Mix) Tecnomind Uplifting
01:17:53: Talla 2xlc, Christina Novelli- I ve Been Gone So Long (ReOrder Extended Mix) That s Trance
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May 31, 2022
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Latest Trance Quarterly mix
Equinox one

00:00:00 Christopher Corrigan -Light Of Love (Extended Mix) Full On 140 Records
00:06:00 Jam Da Bass - Flying Again (Extended Mix) Redux Digital
00:10:26 Koni Blank - Cross The Sky (Simon Fischer Remix) State Soundscapes
00:14:08 The Sickboy - Blue Light (Extended Mix) Nu Chain Music
00:18:03 Darren Porter - Renovato (Extended Mix) Reason II Rise Music
00:22:12 Metta & Glyde - Meant To Be (Extended) High Voltage Recordings
00:27:11 Alexey Golubev - Gloria (Extended Mix) LW Recordings
00:32:13 Ronski Speed, Elara - I'll Be There (Extended Mix) Amsterdam Trance Records (RazNitzanMusic)
00:37:37 Katrin's World - Kaguya (Extended Mix) Neostatics Vision
00:42:00 Billy Gillies - Expression (Extended Mix) FSOE
00:46:40 XiJaro & Pitch, Clara Yates - Rescue Me (Extended Mix) Black Hole Recordings
00:51:33 The Sickboy - Enlarged & Distant (Extended Mix) Nu Chain Music
00:55:56 DJ Dani - Don't Forget Me (Extended Mix) State Vision
00:59:50 Diarent - Delirium (Enharmor Extended Remix) Aerodynamica Music
01:03:07 Ronski Speed, Metta & Glyde - Twin Flame (Extended Mix) Black Hole Recordings
01:07:33 Snowface - Shamanic Tale (Rem-X Remix) Tidy
01:12:24 Stowers & Cooper - Our Light (Extended Mix) FSOE
01:17:32 Thiago Gloomy - Safe For Your Love (Extended Mix) Piovra
01:21:40 Bigtopo, The Old Guard - Oni (Extended Mix) Suanda Dark
01:26:17 Steve Dekay - Hypnotica (Extended Mix) GO MUSIC
01:29:47 Talla 2xlc - Bliss (Extended Mix) ZYX
01:34:20 Temple One, Katty Heath - In Everything I See (Extended Mix) Amsterdam Trance Records (RazNitzanMusic)
01:38:59 Calvin O'Commor - Rocker (Extended Mix) COC Music
01:43:37 Nikolauss - Omi (Extended Mix) Black Hole Recordings
01:47:47 Access 69 - All I Want (Extended Mix) Abora Music Compilations
01:51:58 Katty Heath, Metta & Glyde - Carry Me Home (Extended Mix) Amsterdam Trance Records (RazNitzanMusic)
01:57:39 NG Rezonance - Frenetic (Extended Mix) FSOE
02:02:34 Sali, Igor Dorin - Keydown (Extended Mix) 2Rock Recordings
02:06:45 Allen Watts, Yoshi & Razner - Bohemia (Extended Mix) Who's Afraid Of 138 !
02:11:09 Ferry Tayle, Clara Yates - Find Your Paradise (Metta & Glyde Extended Remix) FSOE