Trance Wax - Ascend (Sneijder Remix) [Armada Music]

Trance Wax
Release title
Ascend (Sneijder Remix)
Label name
Armada Music
Release date
Jun 14, 2024
Release type
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Oct 5, 2023
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solid tune

one thing that puts me off is that annoying vocal sample that you can hear in some random tracks released every week literally, it's too overused and it's just tasteless including it into a solid production, just like that male techno voice 'Concentrate' sample used in dozens (mostly techno) tracks


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Sep 13, 2020
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This is just a total rip off of the old Push remix for Everywhere i Go, just much worse...never liked the original also, since this is just a worse version of Push
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Jul 19, 2020
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The original was one of my favourites from the album.

The melody was screaming for a remix and Sneijder has nailed it with his classic signature uplifting sound. Quality tune!