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Jun 27, 2020
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Hey all!

Not sure if you know this, but you can install TranceFix as an app! You can't find it in the app stores though, because it's a Progressive Web App. It's basically a site that can be installable as an app from the browser.

The advantages are that it is accessible from the app screen (allowing quicker launch) and that there are no typical browser elements that might be obtrusive. The downsides are that there is no tab navigation, and that the browser support is not exactly optimal - some browsers might allow you to add the site to the homescreen, which is not exactly the same.

Let me show you how to install it. Also, let me know if you experience any issues, and how it works on iPhones.

1. Open TranceFix (Chrome works best)


2. Click on the three dots and Install app.


3. Confirm


4. Find it on the app screen

Screenshot_20230718_122205_One UI Home.jpg

5. Enjoy!