TranceFix Radio #016 - TF Best of 2023 Mix II - Mixed by A992

Our second and final 2023 End of The Year Mix is brought to you by A992, who delivers a driving, deep and hypnotic mixture of sounds, showcasing the best underground tracks this year had to offer.

For those of you who misses the "good old underground days", fear not, because this year has been sublime. More and more underground producers have been brought to light and if you're a fan of pumping kicks, a deep bassline and a symphony of atmospheric effects, this is the mix for you.

We want to thank every single one of you, who, on our forum, spend their time voting for this years "best of"-tracks and last but not least, we want to extent our gratitude to A992, who made this mix possible for us.

2024 is surely off to a great start!

[00:00] 1. Earth Trax - White Carnations [Self Release]
[01:31] 2. Seo John - Circuit of Light [Wex Records]
[05:34] 3. AbduI Raeva - Codeine (Edit) [Self Release]
[11:38] 4. Reflex Blue - Overview Effect [Self Release]
[15:37] 5. ESOK - Lavender [Unreleased]
[20:06] 6. Bliss inc. - Mind 2 Mind [Magicwire]
[25:36] 7. SY - SY - In Your Mind (Sunrise Mix) [Prozpektiva]
[29:35] 8. Shjva - Neogen [Common Ancestors]
[35:39] 9. Rambal Cochet - Ray Tracing [Griffe]
[40:34] 10. RIGSON - Princess of Disks (Rambal Cochet's 5AM Mix) [Self Release]
[45:20] 11. S.P.Q.R. - Hypnotic State (A992 Extended Vocal vs Instrumental Edit) [95 Beats]
[48:21] 12. Rambal Cochet - Mixed Reality [Spacelab]
[51:00] 13. Abdul Raeva - Elemental Warfare [Hardline]
[55:04] 14. Fazack - Sick 'n' Twisted [MIrror Studies]
[58:51] 15. Jeku - Falafel Nights [Avoidance]
[01:02:09] 16. LUXE & Tom Place - Moonquake [Self Release]
[01:06:34] 17. YASSCORP - I'm The Problem (Blissdub) [Familiar Strangers]
[01:10:30] 18. Chevals - EuroMadness (Extended Mix) [Homage]
[01:15:06] 19. TDJ - Levitate (Edit) [Self Release]
[01:19:15] 20. Sleep D - Planet Waves [Self Release]
[01:23:59] 21. Subsism - Airy [Matiere]
[01:28:55] 22. Match Box - Midnight (Bliss Inc. Remix) [GODDEZZ]
[01:33:09] 23. AlpenX - Kid on the Bus [Groove Estate]
[01:38:16] 24. Amor Satyr - Transfer [Self Release]
[01:43:39] 25. suki - T Minus (Edit) [Shall Not Fade]
[01:46:44] 26. Eastern Distributor - Endorphin [Bizarro]
[01:51:22] 27. Alan Backdrop - Just A Moment [Self Release]
[01:52:54] 28. Alan Backdrop - A Space For Love [Self Release]
[01:57:42] 29. Omformer - Yengo 3AM [UTE]
[02:04:12] 30. S7RENS - Overtime [Unfair Records]
[02:08:05] 31. Maruwa - Chronodrive [Radiant Love]
[02:11:31] 32. Alan Backdrop - Cikada [Self Release]
[02:15:10] 33. Alan Backdrop - Vortex [Self Release]
[02:19:00] 34. Omformer - 10.000 Ohm [UTE]
[02:25:22] 35. Penera - Radio Planeta [Hardline]
[02:30:02] 36. Alpha Tracks - June/03 [Self Release]
[02:34:33] 37. Enigma State - Lunar's Theme (E-State Remix) [Self Release]
[02:38:32] 38. Aeryeen - Ocular (Stellar Mix) [Space Trax]
[02:43:21] 39. Dev - The Soul Of The Forrest Is Dying [Extra Energy]
[02:47:22] 40. CAIVA - The Love Inside Me [RAW]


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Sleepy Robot

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Jul 7, 2020
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The Netherlands
Am now on the final minutes of the mix and the first hour isn't my cup of tea, tracks are to monotone or something and bit boring.
It gets interesting from the last track (Jeku - Falafal Nights) and then gets much better. The tempo quickens and there is more variety in tracks.
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TranceFix Crew
Jun 27, 2020
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About halfway through, it just keeps getting better!

Edit: And now that I'm finished, I have to say it is a brilliant mix, a very strong one. Didn't mind listening to it in one sitting, and I discovered quite a few great tracks!

You, sir, due to the quality of the mix, get a pass for not including most of the absolute top 10+ tracks from last year.
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Jul 19, 2022
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You, sir, due to the quality of the mix, get a pass for not including most of the absolute top 10+ tracks from last year.
Ahhh I forgot about that half-baked list you put together /s. When I make that other mix of ‘ones that didnt make it’, I’ll be sure to refer to your list in particular :).

Edit: Yah your list is aces but it really highlights that sound I had such a hard time weaving in to this one. Also it ranges from 83-150bpm lol
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Apr 23, 2021
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Got through this in two sittings. Not my usual trance but I thought it was good and I wrote down over 10 tracks to add to my spotify playlist (if it exists there). Trying to open my mind to more sounds like this.


May 18, 2021
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Slow to get around to this but glad I did because you really gave us a fantastic mix. Even with the long length I completed it in one sitting and it flew by. This side of Trance feels very much alive.