TranceFix Radio #017 - Through the Void - Mixed by A992

"After creating the underground EOY mix of the user voted and my top 2023 content, there were so many tracks left on the table, especially from the ambient and downtempo ranges. A handful of the rated top tracks were so good, but they didn't really fit the EOY mix trajectory. It's hard to leave tracks like that on the table, but it was 100% necessary to make the cohesive journey I was after. That atmospheric, trippy, even housey vibe in mid and higher tempos often doesn't quite gel with the outwardly melodic and more... traditional?? trance style. Thus this mix developed, to explore the slower content fully, with plenty of breathing room, and to explore those left behind tracks. It's particularly dedicated to Archon, who had an extremely strong top 10 list, which I all but ignored the first go around.

It's a quite long mix honestly, ranging from 110-153bpm over 4.5 hours. Feel free to join anywhere along the way. The first 90 minutes explores the void, where one can get lost in the dreamy downtempo and ambiance. I fucking love the breaksy trancey downtempo that is coming from all over, and I don't often get to mix it. It takes so much time to build from, and if rushed, loses its impact. The mix slowly morphs in to prog and some trippy atmospheric driving content. Around the 3 hour marks things get wild. Enjoy this EOY Mix Part II, What Was Left Behind. Also there are a few 2022 tracks to fill in some gaps, as well as the intro from 1995. Sometimes you just need to break some rules. Enjoy."
- Mr. A992 himself

01. Union Jack - Water Drums (Remastered) [1995]
02. Reflex Blue - Utopia Hz [2023]
03. Martin Roth - bloom (Extended Version) [2023]
04. Hybrid Man - Bluegums [2023]
05. Mikkel Rev - Ecosphere [2022]
06. Rambal Cochet - Nibiru Trax [2023]
07. Coredata - GeoMetric (Warehouse '91 Extended Mix) [2023]
08. Mikkel Rev - Age Of Plastic [2022]
09. Hannd - Ortre [Club Mix] [2023]
10. Wormbox - The Loon [2023]
11. Guy Contact - Amygdala Tongue Wobble [2023]
12. Martinou - Devotion [2023]
13. kanyalang! - Prince Of Denmark Ain't Got Nothing On Me [2023]
14. Utopian Streams - Now Is The Time [2023]
15. Shjva - Toe [2023]
16. Tangerine Dream - Raum [2022]
17. Pletnev - Water Can Keep Your Secrets Too [2023]
18. Shjva - Seafoam [2023]
19. SY - SY - Evolution (Afterhours Mix) [2023]
20. Mtty - Oma the Wailmer [2023]
21. Glen S - Bleeps And Bloops [2023]
22. Drua - LARP [2023]
23. Mikkel Rev - Insula [2023]
24. Rambal Cochet - Hypnotic June [2023]
25. Pletnev - I Stole It Somehow [2023]
26. Cristofeu - Acapulco [2023]
27. Eivind Vullum & Telephones - Tustna (Telephones Suenotechno Rush Mix) [2023]
28. Thurlow Joyce - Varial [2023]
29. Moisk - Kak kogdato [2023]
30. Hviledag - In the Unruly Intervention of Matter (Mikkel Oldrup Rework) [2023]
31. Caldera - Dolphin Skii [2023]
32. Mikkel Rev - Sub Sea (Peace Mix) [2023]
33. Match Box - Earth Face [2023]
34. DJ Normal 4 - Who Am I [2023]
35. Repulsive Force - Prauge (Presented by Oprofessionell) [2023]
36. Mango - Bella D'Estate (Tagliabue 'Eterno Ritorno' Mix) [2023]
37. ΣNDYM - Voyageur [2022]
38. DE RIO SOUNDSYSTEM - Trance For Ivy [2023]
39. Hannd - Terris [2023]
40. Azo - Aquatrip (Space Mix) [2023]
41. Gaston Fiore - Follow The Healer [2023]
42. LUXE - Pixie Swamp [2023]
43. Klex - new strangers [2023]
44. Tonni 3000 - For Ever Faithless [2023]
45. IMMATERIÃ - Overspaces [2023]
46. DJ Normal 4 - Ersatzkobold (Gombu mixX) [2023]
47. Alan Backdrop - Superego In Alcohol [2023]
48. Atikka - Slackline [2023]
49. Kendal - Basorexia (Italo Trance Mix) [2023]
50. United Trance Division - The Lost Horizon (Radio Mix) [2023]
51. KI/KI - To the vibe (Rework) [2023]
52. Vilchezz - Camelo's (Oprofessionell remix) [2023]
53. Vergil - Aphrodite Sends Her Regards (Intuition's Astral Mix) [2023]


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Jun 27, 2020
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We may not release frequently with our radio shows, but when we do, it will be 4 mixes worth of content put into a single episode...

Rumor has it that if you make it through the whole thing in one sitting you can start communicating with UFOs


Aug 5, 2021
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Love these underground mixes. Usually come away with 5 to 10 tracks, but considering this one's length and looking at the tracklist it might be even more. Great to see Coredata mixed in with the nu-trance guys. I also see a few tracks from Mikkel Rev and Rambal Cochet in there that I really liked from last year. That Caldera track too. Looks like a good mix, thanks.
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Jun 27, 2020
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Nearly halfway through, this is wonderful. A timestamp would've been very useful, lots of greatness in here. What a year we had behind us...
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Oct 17, 2020
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I’m not one to jump into underground music really, but I always like giving your episodes a shot to see if I can find something new. I think I have become more open to it in the last few years, but uplifting music is always where my heart is.
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TranceFix Crew
Jun 27, 2020
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Did the whole thing in one sitting 🛸

2nd Hour > 1st Hour > 4th Hour > 3rd Hour. Just fantastic, probably the first time I ever get to 2 hours in a mix and feel happy there is another 2 to go. Loved the section with from Mikkel Rev - Insula to his other track Subsea. Great hearing my favorites of 2023 being mixed together with some new gems too. All the different genres is appreciated. One of my fav episodes as well. Thanks again mate!


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Feb 24, 2021
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Great job with this. I did listen across 2 sessions and preferred the first half, but it was all good. Your best of 2023 mix from January is still getting regular plays from me. Enjoy what you do.
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Dec 11, 2020
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Ginormous collection of the finest underground. I my long drives to work I played through the full episode until yesterday reaching the end. It was a bomb mix dude. I had to shazam and investigate the time of music to find some new music. I love these psychedelic downtempo discovered ones.

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