VDM - No Hesitation [2000]

Vincent de Moor
Release title
No Hesitation
Label name
Combined Forces
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Jul 13, 2020
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Tech-trance that seriously makes me feel like I'm clubbing in 2000.

Vincent de Moor is better known for his melodic anthem trance work (Carte Blanche, Fly Away, Eternity, Shamu), but "No Hesitation" is great, too. This track hits the ground running, and about two minutes in you are introduced to the lead synth, which although simple feels that it would have been effective at getting people on the dancefloor back in 2000. No wonder Tiesto included it in Magik 6.
One weird thing about this track is that after 4 minutes in the lead synth goes through a key change, which is unusual in trance. Then, VDM introduces a supporting melody with what sounds like a flute, adding even more to the hype of this track.

All in all, it's the Vincent de Moor Track I've heard the most. I hope the rest of you enjoy it, too!

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Jun 28, 2020
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Came across this track after revisiting Magik 6 recently. A proper banger it has to be said.

Also discovered that there was a 2007 remake by the man himself. Musically, it stays faithful to the original.

Objectively, the remake is better to my ears, as it sounds fuller/beefier and punchier. Sounds remarkably modern to this date, wouldn't sound out of place in a set these days. Having said that, I think most people would still gravitate towards the original for nostalgic reasons.