What are the best tracks to introduce others to old trance?


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Jul 13, 2020
Basically, the title.

If you could introduce someone to old ('90s era) trance, what tracks would you show them, and why?

  • The newcomer could be your parents or a young person (like a teenager)
  • You don't know the newcomer's musical preferences, if they like fast-paced, slow-paced music, or if they even like electronic music. This person "listens to everything" and you only know they like a couple of mainstream 2021 artists
  • The newcomer has never heard '90s electronic music beyond, say, Sandstorm/Better Off Alone (super hits). There's a possibility they don't even know those songs at all!
  • You can't just tune into ASOT and hope the newcomer stumbles upon old trance by themselves. You are showing them old trance directly
I'm not sure why, but I think Nalin & Kane - Beachball could be a good fit if you just want to show them what old trance sounds like. It's a safe song with a nice, catchy beat, and the balearic feeling should be familiar enough. After all, lots of pop has a summer-y feeling, which Beachball also has.