Yoji Biomehanika - A Theme From Banginglobe (System F Remix) (2002)

Yoji Biomehanika System F
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A Theme From Banginglobe
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Jun 17, 2022
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In 2002 I was on tour in Japan and during one of the events I was listening to a set by Yoji Biomehanika, who was playing in the same club as me that night. At one point he played a track which grabbed my attention straight away; a really cool track with a
beautiful riff in the middle of the track. I found out it was one of his own productions. He told me it was called “A Theme From Banginglobe” and that it would be out later that year on his label “Hellhouse Recordings”.

Later I had dinner with Yoji in his hometown Osaka and over there we talked about our productions. I told him I really liked the melody and the riff of the ‘A Theme From Banginglobe’ track, but that it was too hard to play for my DJ sets. So I suggested to do a ‘System F’ remix of it. On the other hand Yoji told me that he really liked the Gouryella track ‘Ligaya’ a lot, but that it was too soft for him to play in his sets. So during dinner we decided that it was time for a remix swap ;-)