Your ultimate fantasy DJ lineup!


Dec 24, 2022
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If you could organize your own club night/rave/festival/whatever, who would you pick for the lineup, in what order, and why? Any DJ, era and genre is welcome.

I can’t really give a detailed answer myself right now, but I’d want to start off with some warm, maybe abstract progressive house and breaks, then morphing into deep prog trance, then uplifting, then slamming tech and a little psy to finish it off. I know I’d tap Will Atkinson for one of the last sets, he’s really been going on a hard rave tilt lately.


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Jul 21, 2020
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So a 10day long festival, different subgenres.
No clashes as I want to see everyone.

Day 1 - Progressive Trance
The Digital Blonde producer set
Tucandeo (returning set)
Simon Templar
John 00 Fleming vs. The Digital Blonde pres. 00.db
Science Deal vs. Angelica S (Crystalclouds Recordings tribute set)

Day 2-3 - Uplifting:
TrancEye world debut
Dreamy 2011 to 2014 set
Ace da Brain
Suncatcher vs. Temple One early Enhanced years tribute
Ronny K.
Neptune Project vs. The Noble Six pres. Interstellar
Andy Blueman world debut with Live Orchestra
Geert Huinink world debut
Kelly Andrew world debut
Oceanlab live

Day 4-5 - Tech/Hard:
Renegade System
Sam Jones vs. Will Rees (2013-2019 stuff, no "donk")
Scot Project classics
Derb aka Hennes & Cold producer set
Matt Silver
Flutlicht vs. S.H.O.K.K (classics)
Shugz vs. David Rust (also no "donk")
Sektor V returning set

Day 6 - Psy/Goa (extended sets):
Astral Projection
Man With No Name
Electric Universe (classics set)

Day 7-10 - Classics:
Sven Vath vs. Matthias Hoffmann (Eye Q Records set)
M.I.K.E. forgotten classics from different aliases (maybe on a diffferent stage, then 7hr+ set)
Alphazone returning set
DuMonde producer set
Nu NRG returning set
Dj Precision (Somatic Sense classics)
Airbase vs. Carl B melancholic uplifting classics set
Art Of Trance b2b Moogwai (Platipus classics set)
Yves Deruyter (Bonzai classics set)
Ronski Speed vs. Mirco de Govia (Euphonic classics)
Oliver Lieb (Superstition tribute)
Airwave forgotten classics set from his different aliases
Cosmic Gate hard classics producer set
Alex M..O.R.P.H (1996-2008 producer classics)
Kristina Sky (her vinyl collection set)
Matti Laamanen world debut set
Akira Kayosa vs. Hugh Tolland (2003-2007 set)
Ferry Corsten 'forgotten gems from his different aliases' set
Ayla vs. Taucher
Armin van Buuren (Armind + ASOT classics set)


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Oct 17, 2020
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I would like

10-12: Matt Lange Anjunadeep Classic Set
12 - 2: Above & Beyond Classic Anjunabeats set
2 - 4: AVB Classic Set
4 - 6 Tiesto ISOS theme set


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Sep 26, 2020
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Mine is very simple - vinyl classics all night 2/3 hour sets

ATB, Lange, The Thrillseekers in no particular order

I've already seen Lange and The Thrillseekers in the Trance Sanctuary events, but I hate that I am supposed to be one of Andre's biggest fans, yet I never got so see his classic sets on vinyl, which I guess back then weren't considered classic sets :).