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    OUT Sonic Element - Gone Again [Borderline]

    Nice track but the melody could have stood out more.
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    Damate - Reflections [Colorize]

    Very smooth, like the vocal bits.
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    What's on your mind today?

    I'm always here! :D
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    OUT Onova - Ad Astra [Who's Afraid Of 138?!]

    Not digging the melody on this :confused:
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    Push - Melodic Trauma [Bandcamp]

    Interesting tune, its got this 80s TV show theme going on.
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    Trancefix Radio EP 006 - TranceFix 2021 Showcase - Mixed by Activa

    For me, Activa was the artist of the year in 2021. What a sick playlist! 🤩
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    TranceFix Awards - The Best of 2021

    The most difficult part was getting everything in the right order. I am fairly happy with this. Track #1: Activa - The Lost Language (Original Mix) Track #2: Coredata - 94 (Original Mix) Track #3: Will Atkinson - The Last Rave on Earth Track #4: Glynn Alan - Limitless Track #5: Stoneface &...
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    OUT Will Rees - Outset Theme [Subculture]

    Pretty nice track but doesnt really climax.
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    Glynn Alan - Shuttlewood (Lost Language)

    This guy has been making some good music of late. Liked his previous track, Limitless, as well.