1. Archon

    Underworld - Juanita : Kiteless : To Dream of Love [1996]

    It was originally released in 1996 as the first track of their album Second Toughest in the Infants, but I'm singling this one (or three) out since this is my favourite. The single release was in 1997, and there was one EP in 1996 together with Rowla. Doesn't matter. Is this trance? I don't...
  2. BS_BlackScout

    @tak - Keep The Feeling (Party Mix) [1997]

    I could post the entire album but it's not all Trance. Except this one is! Also, this was made by Paavo Siljamäki* under his "Gemini" alias. *Reasons why I think this was him: 1. The sound itself, crashes and snare rolls everywhere which can be heard on other earlier Paavo credited...
  3. BladeRunner_

    Barbarus - Virtual Religion [1997]


    Silent Breed - Sync In [1997]

    THE Techno track that massively influenced German Hard Trance. Firstly released on Heckmann's own label A.F.U. (Acid Fuckers Unite), later the next year was the track licensed to Tracid Traxxx as their 4th release (incl. Tomcraft Remix).. strong club anthem played by nearly everybody in...
  5. BladeRunner_

    Slacker - Your Face (Schizoid) [1997]

  6. BladeRunner_

    Enter - Load & Save (B.B.E. HD Mix) [1997]

  7. Nerio

    E-Razor - Mantra (1997)

  8. BladeRunner_

    M-Traxx - Summerlove [1997]


    Saints & Sinners - Peace [1997]

    Sublime remixes from Oliver Lieb and Humate, the original version is a early Van Bellen production released only as a B-side in 1997. I had today the Lieb remix three times on repeat. Power bomb. The remixes are from 2001. Saints & Sinners ‎- Peace (Oliver Lieb Remix) Saints & Sinners ‎-...

    Elegia - Grid One [1997]

    Uploaded by 2trancentral some days ago. I never heard this one before and I love it from the first moment, this is electronic music for my ears and mind. The track was released at Laurent Garnier's 'F Communications' label (in the trance scene best known for Aurora Borealis - Milky Way or...
  11. erickUO

    Machineries Of Heaven - Epsilon Eridani [1997]

    TIL Rom Di Prisco (1/2 of Need For Speed BGM producer from back in the days) has a trance alias. The whole EP is now also available digitally on Bandcamp
  12. BladeRunner_

    Bedrock - Set In Stone [1997]

  13. Nerio

    The Swimmer - West (1997)

  14. BladeRunner_

    Pure Science - Back 2 Earth


    Kai Tracid - Your Own Reality [1997]

    No Kai Tracid thread on the forum, so here is my favourite tune from the guy. You can hear it clearly that the track was "inspired" by 'Seven Days And On Week'. I really celebrated the 'Tracid Mix' back in the days and I still have so much love for this version, the acid parts are sublime. Kai...