@tak - Keep The Feeling (Party Mix) [1997]

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Dance Pool
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Jul 13, 2020
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Hell, Brazil
I could post the entire album but it's not all Trance. Except this one is!

Also, this was made by Paavo Siljamäki* under his "Gemini" alias.

*Reasons why I think this was him:
1. The sound itself, crashes and snare rolls everywhere which can be heard on other earlier Paavo credited productions.
2. He arranged all of the tracks.
3. This is one of the few tracks in the album that is pretty much Classic Trance (well, you could argue this is Eurodance but y'know :p)
4. Discogs: @tak - @tak
5. YouTube music lists him as "Arranger, Composer, Lyricist: Gemini"
6. The album itself has a booklet that says Paavo was the "studio rat".
7. Paavo was directly credited as a Producer and Engineer on @tak's second album: "Joy!"