1. BladeRunner_

    Lars Höhler - Sunshine [2000]

  2. Archon

    Arksun - Dragonfire [2000]

    Another phenomenal track from Arksun. What a producer, what a track! In love with his sound. There is also an Austin Leeds remix, but it pales in comparison so I won't even bother with posting it.
  3. Progrez

    Matt Darey - Feat - Marcella Woods - Beautiful (2000)

    Beautiful vocals and those riffs are truly amazing. Sister of Michael Woods
  4. Nerio

    Allure – We Ran At Dawn (2000)

    Allure - We Ran At Dawn (Magikal Remake) (2000): So Verwest can compose after all?

    Mindspace - Mindcontrol [2000]

    Lets have some good ol' Oliver Lieb.. TOP release Mindspace - Mindcontrol (Main Mix) Mindspace - Mindcontrol (Tech Mix) Mindspace - Mindcontrol (7Mix) These youtube versions are remastered, the vinyl version sounds much better.)

    Plastic Angel - Daylight / Estelle [2000]

    'Daylight' is my most played 'Plastic Angel' track of all times, I always liked the Detroitish ELECTRO breakdown.. Plastic Angel - Daylight Estelle was never my thing Plastic Angel - Estelle
  7. Nerio

    Chicane feat. Bryan Adams - Don't Give Up (2000)

    Disco Citizens Vs Tomski Remix

    Phools Inc. - Light It Up [2000]

    Long time no O.L. post, so here it is.. maybe some of you will like it, maybe some others not really, but this is a classic millenium Lieb. The 'dEEp Mix' is mine Phools Inc. - Light It Up (dEEp Mix) Phools Inc. - Light It Up (mAIn Mix)

    Van Bellen - Soulfeel (The Senses EP) [2000]

    Back in 2004, when I finally had internet at home, this was one of the first EP's that I downloaded to my computer. Some days later, I was outside with my good buddy and we have met another friend, who gaves us some green xtc's. After some time they kicked in very hard and we came to my home...
  10. BladeRunner_

    Brothers Love Dubs - 1-800 ming (Rui Da Silva Remix) [2000]

  11. BladeRunner_

    Brancaccio & Aisher ‎– Darker [2000]

  12. Archon

    Mandalay - Deep Love (Charlie May Remix) [2000]

    Shared to me by the great treasure trove of wonderful progressive music, Dr @Peenuts himself. The Charlie May remix is a wonderful prog track. You can tell it does not fully conform to genre standards, it has its own thing going on. You can never tell where it's gonna go, it surprises you all...
  13. erickUO

    Jaya - Mano De Piedra (Cypher & Elias Mix) [2000]

    I rarely a fan of oompa-oompa/offbeat bassline, but these 2 are amazing Jaya - Mano De Piedra (Cypher Mix) Jaya - Mano De Piedra (Elias Mix) Can't find the original mix anywhere.
  14. sszecret

    Breeder - Tyrantanic (Incl. Evolution, Ocean Wave, Slacker mixes) [2000]

    Release Date: 10 April 2000 (Original Release) | 15 April 2000 (Remixes) Catalog Number: RHYSYN006 | RHYSYN006R Breeder's Underexposed Mix Evolution Dub Ocean Wave Remix Slacker's Kingdom Come Mix As much as I like the other mixes, Breeder's own will always remain my favourite...
  15. BS_BlackScout

    Solid Sessions - Janeiro (Incl. Pronti & Kalmani Remix) [2000]

    Both are great but Pronti & Kalmani's remix is probably the real classic for a lot of you since it was played a lot by Armin in early ASOTs. Talking about Armin...
  16. Uplifted

    Mekka - Diamondback [2001]

    Beautiful track from Mekka aka Jake Williams, which is the only single from him. Stunning vocal sample and mesmerizing melody. Mekka - Diamondback (Original Mix)
  17. BS_BlackScout

    Sonic Inc. - The Taste of Summer (Incl. Fire and Ice Vital Remix) [2000]