Breeder, Evolution, Slacker, Ocean Wave
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Rhythm Syndicate Records
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Jul 19, 2020
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Release Date: 10 April 2000 (Original Release) | 15 April 2000 (Remixes)
Catalog Number: RHYSYN006 | RHYSYN006R

Breeder's Underexposed Mix

Evolution Dub

Ocean Wave Remix

Slacker's Kingdom Come Mix

As much as I like the other mixes, Breeder's own will always remain my favourite. It's just so damn good. I may be biased towards it because of that absolutely sick transition between it and Stage One from the beginning of Northern Exposure Expeditions CD1. But that's by the by. :p

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It’s a high quality release, with all mixes bringing something to the table, although the Breeder or Kingdom remix are the ones I usually turn too.


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Jul 13, 2020
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Slacker's Kingdom Come mix is the best version for me. The breakdown section starting at ~3:40 is unreal. It's very cinematic-like and feels so unique.


Jul 19, 2020
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As a continuation of the history of these Breeder tracks, it's worth adding that RHYSYN006 was apparently meant to be the Cat# assigned to a different release altogether, namely Area 51 by Interflow 4 (sometimes styled only Interflow or Interflow #4).

Can't find exact dates for it, but it was released the same year as Tyrantanic (2000) under KYR and was the only track released under Rhythm Import Series. The Evolution Dub of the final release was cut at Tape to Tape in October of '99, so the Area 51 pressing might be from around the same time.

While the one I've got doesn't match the label of the test pressing on Discogs, the run-out groove numbers and etchings do match, i.e. RHYSYN006 A-1-1-1 SMC@T2T and RHYSYN006 B-1-1- 1 "T2T", meaning it was cut by Shane at Tape to Tape Mastering (later Heathmans Mastering).

Maybe this would be a promo copy, but I'm not aware of any that were sent out with RHYSYN006 as Area 51. Feel free to chime in if you know.

Here are all three together: